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Geld verdienen mit einem Online-Business

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.


This is my “Now Page”, dedicated to all my english speaking friends i met and will meet during my travels. I will update it with my current locations and projects as some of them are finally starting in english as well 🙂

If you are interested in meeting up or like to talk about some ideas, drop me a mail.

Last Update: 16.08.2019


August: Leipzig – Berlin – Rostock

September: Köln – Düsseldorf – South Germany or maybe Austria/Switzerland

October: Spain – Gran Canaria – Las Palmas

January: Malaysia


Currently i am working on translating two of my best selling books to english. (Proof readers welcome 😉

I am working on my new Online-Course and doing lots of marketing stuff (german only for now).

My Podcast on Spotify/iTunes “Wunderliche Weltklugheit” which i really enjoy doing.


Most of the Time, i am reading various Books at the same time. This is not really a recommendation but a good way to start conversation with me 😀

  • The Monk who sold his Ferarri
  • The Courage to be disliked
  • Momo
  • Seth Godin – This is marketing

My Current Goals

  • I want to travel to iceland, malta and cyprus this year
  • selling 100,000 books
  • 1,000 course participants
  • more inner peace
  • 100kg weight and below 12% bodyfat
  • finding and meeting interesting people
  • finding a new place for a long term stay outside of germany

How i Look Now

You find my most recent pictures sometimes on instagram even though i am not really using any social media anymore. I am not social enough 😉

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